Saturday, February 16, 2008

cherries are the bomb - knit cherries pattern

knit cherries

On this Presidents' Day weekend, we are suppose to remember US presidents. So let's remember little Georgie Washington and his hatchet and him chopping down a poor, defenseless cherry tree (myth?) for a moment and knit some cherries.

I like/love lemons, but cherries are another favorite fruit. And, well, let's face it, you can't really eat lemons straight up the way you can eat cherries. A fruit shaped like a sexy little bomb? Oh yes please!

I don't know what George had against cherry trees. Cherry pie, maraschino cherries, cherry ice cream (without chocolate chunks!), fresh Bing cherries that stain your lips a purple-y blue. What's not to like?

Cherries are the Bomb

Do not reproduce this pattern elsewhere. This pattern is for personal use only. In other words, don't try to make money off of it.

Set of five US size 6 double pointed needles
Worsted weight yarn in colors red and green
Stitch marker
Material for stuffing (yarn scraps or batting)
Yarn needle

Cherry Pattern
Using red yarn, cast on 6 sts and knit one row as for I-cord.
Divide sts equally among 3 dpns. Place stitch marker and begin to knit in the round.

Round 1: *k1, kfb; repeat from * (9 sts)
Round 2: knit
Round 3: *k1, kfb, k1; repeat from * (12 sts)
Round 4: knit
Round 5: *k1, kfb; repeat from * (18 sts)
Rounds 6-8: knit
Round 9: *k1, k2tog; repeat from * (12 sts)
Round 10: knit
Round 11: *k1, k2tog, k1; repeat from * (9 sts)
Round 12: knit

Stuff cherry with yarn scraps or batting

Round 13: *k1, k2tog; repeat from * (6 sts)
Round 14: knit

Transfer all stitches onto one dpn and switch to green yarn

Row 15: k2tog as if for I-cord across row (3 sts)

Continue knitting as an I-cord until cherry stem is the length you desire. Knit one stitch and k2tog the last two stitches (2 sts). Leave this cherry on the needle, cut a 6-inch tail and set aside. Using the remaining four dpns, make a second cherry in the same manner.

Once both cherries have been made, transfer the first cherry stem onto the dpn you are now using. You should now have 4 sts on one needle. Knit the 4 sts as an I-cord for about 4 rows to join stems. Cut yarn and leave a 6-inch tail. With yarn needle, pass yarn tail through stitches, knot discreetly and weave in ends. Poke, squish and mold your cherries into nice little balls.

Leaf Pattern
Leaf is knit flat. With green yarn, cast on one stitch.

Row 1: kfb (2 sts)
Row 2: k1, kfb (3 sts)
Row 3: k1, kfb, k1 (4 sts)
Rows 4-6: knit
Row 7: k1, k2tog, k1 (3 sts)
Row 8: k1, k2tog (2 sts)
Row 9: k2tog (1 st)

Cut yarn and leave a 6-inch tail. With yarn needle, pass yarn tail through last remaining stitch on the needle. Weave in tail so both cast on and cast off tails are at the same end of the leaf.

Sew leaf to joined cherry stems. Weave in all tails.


If you don’t have a fifth dpn, you can use any other US 6, or smaller, needle or a piece of yarn to hold your stitches while you knit the second cherry.

Sure, you can make a single cherry too (I made mine a maraschino). Knit as above, but once the stem is the length you want, kfb into first and third stitches so you have 5 sts on your needle. I-cord for 4 rows, pass yarn tail through stitches, knot discreetly and weave in ends.

Cherries are approximately 1.25 inches in diameter.

Pattern now available for download as a pdf file.

knit maraschino cherry

More pictures at Flickr