Sunday, February 10, 2008

a dream of green peas

I seem to rarely remember my dreams these days, but for some reason I remembered last night's. Or I should say an aspect of it. It concerned a bowl of green peas. That's all I can remember. A red bowl filled with green peas. I don't particularly *like* green peas. They are ok to add color or as a garnish for a dish, but if you set a bowl of green peas in front of me expecting me to eat them plain, I'd give you a dirty look. Trying to analyze this is bringing up nothing.

There's been a feeling of impending... not doom. Impending change, I guess. I feel as if this week is going to be a bit of a chore to get through.

I finished the knit cherries. Should have that pattern up next week. And I am almost finished with the collection of knit citrus.

Finally set up my Ravelry profile: ilikelemons.

Thinking of getting a new camera. It's between the Canon Digital Rebel Xti and the Nikon D40x. I'm leaning toward the Canon. The new models come out around April so I am going to try waiting until then, hoping for a price drop on the existing models.

The weather has turned decidedly Spring-like here. 66 degrees and sunny yesterday, though the fog started to roll over the hills in late afternoon.