Saturday, March 1, 2008

knit citrus

knit citrus

After getting a kick out of knitting the lemon earlier this year I decided to knit a variety of citrus fruits by modifying existing patterns. Here are my notes:

Kumquat - Slightly modified the olive pattern from Mary Jane, Midge & Mink. Knit on US sz 7 needles and instead of binding off on round 9, continued to work decreases until 6 sts remained.

Grapefruit, orange - Knit from my own ball pattern. The orange was knit with US sz 7s and the grapefruit with US sz 10s.

Lemon, lime - From the lemon/lime pattern at Peachcake Knits and Eats Glutenfree. The lemon was knit with US sz 7s, the lime with US sz 5s and I did only three of the plain knit rounds before starting the decreases.

Pomelo - Based on the Poor Man's Spherey pattern at Kathryn Ivy. I used US sz 10.5 needles and loosely stuffed with plastic grocery bags.

More pictures at Flickr