Saturday, April 19, 2008

felicity hat

felicity hat

Wanett Clyde's Felicity Hat (pdf link) is a little bit hipster and a lot of casual.

This is a quick knit and just what I needed as a break from working on the lacy Arches & Columns scarf. I cast on in the evening, got through half the hat in a few hours before bed and finished the next evening. I'm guessing I used about 180 - 190 yards of worsted weight yarn. Out of all the slouchy hats I've knit so far, this one is my favorite. It's also the simplest.

Now, I know I tend to knit tight. *I* don't think I knit particularly tight, but gauge swatches say otherwise. The pattern calls for using US sz 5s and 7s and to cast on 70 sts. Knowing my tight gauge and my preference for looser-fitting hats, I decided to use sz 7s and 10s, and cast on 80 sts. Added an extra 4 rounds to the recommended 6 that go between the increase and decrease sections, for lots of slouch. And finally, I did another set of k2tog/knit rounds at the end.

The adjustments turned out to be good choices. The hat is comfortably loose and sufficiently slouchy. I think if I had used the recommended needle sizes, with my tight gauge, I would have fainted from lack of circulation if I was able to get the hat on my head at all.

Felicity is so comfy, cute and casually hip. Just right for cool spring days and foggy summer nights. I want to make one in a light grey. And maybe another in a color-blocked scheme. And maybe another in .... You get the idea. I'm definitely going to knit this one again.

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