Sunday, September 21, 2008

no new knitting

nikon coolpix s600


I haven't been able to knit for the past several weeks. I barely have been able to knit my olives. Perhaps that's ok, since it means I can put off finding a new/bigger jar if I'm only managing one olive per week. But even the one olive is accomplishing the goal of the Olive Plan. I really am fortunate.

There are tiny sprouts of an Olive Plan 2009 in my mind. I need to sort out whether it's do-able and the general logistics, and if I have the discipline to keep up with it. I will say that it wouldn't really be knitting related and I would create a separate blog for it. I'll have to see what develops.

I did treat myself to a new point-and-shoot camera (Nikon Coolpix S600). It's around the same size as a business card, so no excuses for not taking it with me everywhere. The DSLR I was interested in is no longer in production and I haven't had the time to research new or upcoming models, so I figured this would hold me over until I can read up on DSLRs again.

The weather has been teasing with some cooler days here and there, but mixing in those warm days typical of September and October around these parts. I'm looking forward to being able to wear hats, scarves, coats and gloves.