Sunday, October 26, 2008

hats for a sack

sackboy earflap hat

I've been having some fun knitting hats for my Sackboy. Since he's small, his hats are tiny and that means quick, instantly gratifying knits.

I've already posted the snow hat with pom pom, but the striped beanie and the earflap ones I knit this past week. The black and grey striped beanie I made so that it resembles a unisex beanie I bought several years ago (before I learned to knit). The orange earflap one just *needed* to be done. Sackie's cuteness just demands an earflap hat! I added in the bit of colorwork to break up all that orangeness.

All the hats were pretty much improvised. I looked at some patterns to get the technique for the earflap one (I've never done earflaps or had to pick up stiches before), but otherwise it was just estimating cast-on and how many rows to knit to get the right scale for Sackie.

I'll be putting the needles down for a while (except for olives!). As long as there aren't any more surprise delays, Little Big Planet should be arriving this week and I intend to get playing next weekend. After that, Mirror's Edge is soon approaching. No, I won't be knitting Faith!

sackboy beanie hat

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